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Structural Repairs

A full range of structural repairs are undertaken by our skilled workforce who have undertaken training with Thor Helical.We directly employ skilled tradesmen who specialise in crack repairs, decorations, brickwork repairs and reinstatement (including brick matching).

Structural Repair – a cost effective repair for brickwork, masonry and concrete buildings
Masonry Reinforcement – the installation of helibars into the masonry joints of brickwork/block work which provides additional strengthening to the fractured or failed brickwork
Lateral Restraints – Lateral restraints are wall ties used for restraining bulging walls.  Lateral restraints are fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance – in most cases just lift a few floorboards to determine the position of the joists and to ensure wires or pipes that may be hidden are avoided during the installation
Each of our Lateral restraint wall ties have a drill like leading end for cutting into softwood.  Using a drill, simply wind the lateral restraint ties into the timbers and resin fix the masonry end.
Lintel Reinforcement – Many houses constructed with cavity walls did not have lintel reinforcement in the outer leaf and the brickwork was supported by the load bearing window frame.  Lintel reinforcement is often installed to form a lintel before the non-load bearing the UPVC windows can be installed.  This method of forming lintels costs significantly less than installing conventional lintels
Remedial Wall Ties – Wall ties are an essential element for the stability of a cavity wall structure, tying its weather protecting brick façade to the main body of a building.  An effective brick tie system transfers static and live loads across the cavity, enabling load sharing by both inner and outer walls.  Typically cavity wall ties are bedded in a mortar bed joint as a building is constructed.
Cavity wall tie failure can be a consequence of a construction defect; for example where the original “built in” cavity wall ties have been omitted, incorrectly fixed or fitted with brick ties that are too short.  Alternatively failure may be a result of a buildings aging process, whereby wall tie corrosion may have compromised the walls load sharing capabilities.
Masonry Beaming – Masonry beaming system of structural reinforcement and repair is at the heart of advanced remedial strategies.  It provides a rapid versatile cost effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities.  In combination with other ties and restraints it can provide a comprehensive system of structural repair and stabilisation.  Where masonry has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement, weathering of increased loads and stresses,  The Masonry Beaming system provides stress free bed joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together whilst creating deep masonry beams which distribute the structural loads.  Other ties and fixings provide appropriate lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is applicable to all types of masonry structure.  Lateral restraint straps for flooring.